The Shrewsbury Institute for Agricultural Education, or SAGE for short, is a small non-profit corporation formed in 2013 to encourage traditional and innovative ways of farming organically in Vermont. We believe in sharing information with others committed to sustainability, for the good of our local community, this region, and beyond. We currently lease a 92-acre farm that is home to two organic farming operations — Macora Farm, which produces raw milk, meat, eggs and wool; and Alchemy Gardens, which produces vegetables and herbs. We also offer workshops and classes on permaculture, pruning and grafting fruit trees, beekeeping, sustainable logging, medicinal plants, raw milk dairying, cheese-making, and animal husbandry, on site and in the re-purposed 1860’s Russellville Schoolhouse. We also collaborate with local organizations including Vermont Farmers Food Center, Four Winds Nature Institute, and the Shrewsbury Mountain School.

SAGE intends to follow Mahatma Gandi’s directive. “Live as if you will die tomorrow. Learn as if you will live forever,” by teaching and inspiring people of all ages about sustainable living. Through teaching new and older generations to be thoughtful stewards of our working landscape, SAGE wants to serve as an active force in the vibrant agriculturally based and environmentally sensitive culture of Shrewsbury, Rutland County, the state of Vermont, New England and Beyond.

The Mission of the Shrewsbury Institute for Agricultural Education (SAGE) is to
support and promote traditional and innovative small-scale organic farming on a
vibrant diversified farm, and through workshops and demonstrations. SAGE will
teach people of all ages about environmentally sensitive agriculture: growing
healthy food, raising farm animals, managing the forest, enriching the soil, and
living sustainably. SAGE will work with other farms and organizations, especially
schools, to reach the larger community, and will operate the re-purposed
Russellville Schoolhouse as a meeting space for workshops, classes, and
performances that further the mission and enhance community life.